Meer kleuren verkrijgbaar in onze studio!
Shanghai Red gelnagels
Shanghai Red

Ready to go out with red nails!

Mandarin Oranje gelnagels

Summer is Orange!

Like Blauw gelnagels
Blue Like

Is Blue your favourite color?

Daisy rode gelnagels

Sexy & Red! Watch out!

zwarte gelnagels
Black Diamond

Yep. A cutie.

rode glitter gelnagels
Illusion Sky

What's a girl without red glitter?

Neon Pink gel
Neon Pink

Neon Pink will draw attention!

witte glitter gelnagels

White Glitter = Magic!

Laser gel nagels

Laser your nails into attention!

French manicure
French Manicure

The classy and classic look

Seared with a kiss gelnagels
Seared with a Kiss

Ready to be seared with a Kiss?

Dusty Pink gel
Dusty Pink

Natural Nails with a bit of pink