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Lash Lift

An eyelash lift (lash lift) for a fuller, longer and natural look
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift

WA lash lift is a technique for treating your own lashes - without applying false lashes (extensions) - in such a way that your natural lashes are curled, lifted and optionally tinted. In a single treatment, eyelash lifting gives height, length and volume to your lashes with a perfectly natural look as a result!

  • Low maintenance
  • No (chemical) agents
  • No curling iron
  • No extensions
A lash lift is ideal for any woman who wants that intense gaze, but at the same time does not have much time to stand in front of the mirror for hours. In addition, for many people, a lash lift is the ideal alternative to lash extensions. In case of an lash lift, only silicone pads are used. With these pads you can give your lashes a perfect curl that lasts an average of six weeks.
Lash Lift Leuven

No extensionsThe lash Lift is a treatment for your own lashes without false lashes!

Lash Lift Leuven

Long lasting resultThe effect of a lash lift normally remains visible for at least 6 weeks.

Lash Lift Leuven

Additional Color BoostBy adding a tinting afterwards, your lashes get a super color boost right away!

Before the treatment

You are requested to come without mascara. Your lashes should be thoroughly cleaned before treatment as this will ensure better adhesion of the lash fluids.

During the treatment

Silicone pads are placed on your eyelids and your lash hairs are attached to the silicone shield.

By means of this silicone shield the lashes are effectively lifted from the root of the lashes, which ensures an open look with voluminous and perfectly separated lashes.

After the treatment
  • Don't wet your lashes or use mascara for the first 24 hours
  • Do not use a waterproof mascara after a lash lift, this will affect the result.
  • A Lash Lift cannot be combined with a sauna visit or Turkish steam bath.
  • The lift needs 24 hours to fix. It is therefore not advisable to apply the lash lift shortly before bedtime.
A Lash Lift is very suitable:
  • If you have a latex allergy to eyelash extension glue
  • For straight or slightly curled lashes
  • Suitable for people with long and short eyelashes
  • Extremely suitable for blonde lashes (with colouring)
A Lash Lift has less effect:
  • For extremely short eyelashes
  • For extremely thick or fine lashes
  • If you already have a strong natural eyelash curl
A Lash Lift is not recommended:
  • Your lashes have fallen out as a result of alopecia or chemotherapy.
  • You are pregnant / breastfeeding
  • You have an eye infection or trichotillomania
  • Before a sauna visit/Turkish steam bath

Before and after a Lash Lift

Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash lift Leuven
Lash lift Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash Lifting Leuven
Lash lift Leuven
Lash lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven
Lash Lift Leuven

Lash Lift in the media

When I open my eyes and look in the mirror again after an hour, I am truly pleasantly surprised: the result is gorgeous of course, as if I am wearing a very subtle - but great - mascara, or just blessed with Bambi eyelashes of my own. And also my environment clearly understands that there is something else. Wow, what mascara do you have' a friend shouts enthusiastically, while I wear nothing on my eyes. My dearest mother notices that I look so rested ( a unique).

Het Laatste Nieuws : 'No more mascara and still always beautiful lashes'

In the mirror I see dark, sky-facing lashes with an impressive curl. It would be a shame to put on mascara, so I leave my lashes untouched the next few days as well. Moreover, all eyelashes are neatly arranged in a row which gives a nice flared effect. In my opinion the ideal treatment for those who do not get volume and curl in their lashes with mascara alone. I repeat this treatment especially before I go on a trip and even without mascara I want to look a bit rested and fresh.

ELLE MAGAZINE : 'All you need to know about a lash lift'

What could be better than an alternative that does not involve fake eyelashes or extensions? That idea appealed to me: put aside my mascara and eyelash curling iron for a few weeks because you simply don't need them. And all that with your own lashes as a basis. And I certainly don't regret it. In the video you can see what the result of the eyelash lift is and I'll tell you in advance: it's just great. I'm going to do this more often.

LIBELLE : 'I got a lash lift and this is the (phenomenal) result'

Clever minds have been able to think that a permanent could do well on your eyelashes as well. And they were right. Not only does that mean we don't have to touch mascara for about eight weeks, it also means that that cursed curler can finally go to the trash. The results are dizzyingly beautiful. Not only do the lashes stand firm up, they suddenly look a lot fuller and thicker as well. You'd almost think you see your lashes for the first time.

Harpers Bazaar : 'Do or don't? A permanent for your lashes'

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Long lasting result

The result is typically present for at least 6 weeks.

Your Beauty routine

You no longer need to use mascara and/or lash curling iron after the treatment.

No extensions

Your lashes will feel light and natural without false lashes.

Natural look

Gives a natural look while making your eyes look bigger.

Keeps very well

Resistant to water, showers, sweating, tears, swimming and sleeping.

Beautiful Eyelashes

Your lashes hardly need any care.

Wimperlift Lash Lift Leuven

Lash Lift video 1

Wimperlift Lash Lift Leuven

Lash Lift video 2

Lash Lift wimperlift Leuven

Appointment possibilities

  • Monday: 09AM to 06PM
  • Wed-Fri: 09AM to 06PM
  • Saturday: 09AM to 05PM
  • Tue and Sun Closed
  • Holidays Closed
Lash Lift wimperlift Leuven

Preferably contact us by telephone on 016 / 23 85 78 or email us via the contact form


Combination with Tinting

A Lash Lift can of course be combined with the tinting of your lashes. This can be done with eyelash paint as well as with semi-permanent mascara. This will give your lashes a super color boost!

The Advantages of a lash lift

The advantages of a lash lift are numerous: without extensions, a lash lift feels very natural and keeps on average 6 weeks. An eyelash lift is also not harmful to your natural lashes. The treatment makes eyelash curlers redundant.

Eyelash coloring Semi-Permanent mascara

A lash dye will make your lashes stand out more, especially if you have very light lashes.

A lash tinting is a quick solution for anyone who depends on mascara to darken lightly colored lashes. Specially developed coatings are used to make lashes darker (usually black).

The eyelashes not only look longer and fuller, they also light up dull hairs, causing the eyes to shine. A fresh, natural look without mascara or lumps, which is also water-resistant.

Lash tinting Leuven
Lash Tinting Leuven

Semi-Permanent Mascara

A Semi-Permanent Mascara is an eyelash coating that has the effect of a traditional mascara but lasts 2 to 4 weeks!

Semi-Permanent Mascara has the same effect as mascara but a much longer durability ( averaging 3 weeks) and therefore enhances the beauty, length and fullness of the lashes. No more problems with mascara as semi-permanent mascara will stay in place day and night and is waterproof and wipe- and turn free! Also ideal for people who wear lenses.

  • Extra volume for your lashes
  • The effect of traditional mascara
  • Darker and thus visually longer lashes
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting durability
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