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Shellac Gel polish CND Leuven
Gel polish Leuven
CND Shellac Leuven
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Gel Polish | Shellac

Gel Polish is basically a hybrid between gel and regular nail polish resulting in a long-lasting, super-glossy manicure known for low-chip, long-lasting quality.

Gel Polish / Shellac

Gel Nail Polish or Soak Off Gel: 2 weeks high-performance wear with no chipping or peeling!
Shellac Cerulean Sea Leuven
CND Shellac Leuven
Shellac Wildfire Leuven
High Performance wear
Gellak Desert Poppy Leuven
Hypoallergenic gel polish
Gellak Electric Orange Leuven
Lots of Shellac colours

Gel Polish is also called 'Gel Nail Polish' or 'Soak Off Gel'. Gel Polish combines the properties of a gel with those of a regular nail polish and comes in a great variety of colours. Your nails look on average two weeks fantastic (and sometimes longer, depending on how fast your own natural nails grow).

It does not peel, and it gives the nails some extra strength. Cracks and breaking are as good as eliminated. It is an ideal treatment for people who do not want extended artificial nails, but do want well-tended nails for a longer period of time than regular nail polish provides. Especially for women who have strong natural nails, gel polish is a no-brainer : the natural nail is protected, your nails have a mirror-like shine and are polished for 14 days.

All types of gel polish are applied in the same way: after application of a primer, first a base coat is applied, then a double high performance color coat and then a top coat for durable protection and a great shine.

Each layer is hardened under a professional UV lamp in the same way as gel nails. The combination of these layers together has two positive consequences: a reasonable strengthening of your natural nails and a relatively long - 2 weeks - replacement of your regular nail polish.

Nail Salon Beautiful Nails by Linde

What are the differences between Gel Polish, Gelish en Shellac?

Gel Polish - of which the best known are Gelish and Shellac - is a gel nail polish that has to be cured under a special UV lamp.

What is Gel Polish?

Gel Polish is the collective name of the system. Several brands have Gel Polishes.

It's called 'Gel Polish' because it is indeed a gel that is cured with UV (such as gel nails) but is relatively easy to apply and has the structure of nail polish.

Gel polish provides you with long-lasting and perfectly coated nails (on average 14 days or more depending on the speed of growth of your natural nails).

What are Shellac & Gelish?

Shellac is the CND brand gel polish and has been voted the best gel polish in the world by nail professionals in the US on several occasions; the innovation of this gel polish is that it is hypo-allergenic and therefore greatly reduces the risk of a contact allergy to acrylates for people who are sensitive to it;

Gelish is the original gel polish, the disadvantage of this gel polish is that an acrylic allergy is possible.

Nail salon Beautiful Nails by Linde

We only use CND Shellac for our gel polish treatments

Did you know that CND gel polish has won awards for years as the best gel polish and is also the official gel polish of an airline?

Virgin Atlantic CND Shellac

CND Shellac 'Wildfire' has been the official colour of the Cabin Crew of airline Virgin Atlantic since 2011. This siren-red gel polish colour perfectly matches the Virgin Atlantic logo and uniforms.

More info
Nail Pro CND Shellac Reader's choice

CND Shellac has won many awards over the years in the Readers Choice Awards of the American Nail Pro Magazine in different gel polish categories.

Nail Pro awards
Nail Mag CND Shellac Reader's choice

The influential Nail Magazine awards the best nail products, including gel polish products, every year after surveying American nail technicians. CND Shellac is a constant in these awards.

Nail Magazine awards
Meghan Markle Shellac wedding bridal nails

Also Meghan Markle chose CND Shellac to style her bridal nails. The Duchess of Sussex stepped into the wedding boat with Prince Harry in May 2018 and chose CND Shellac for her bridal manicure and pedicure.

Enlarge picture

Why gel polish?

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

14 days chip-free nails!

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

Gel Polish on your toes!

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

Without harmful chemicals

Something else that sets CND Shellac apart from other gel nail polish brands is that it is free of certain potentially harmful substances, including formaldehyde. It also does not contain toluene or dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and is not tested on animals.

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

Flexible & natural look

An advantage of gel polish (just like gel nails) is that your nails look and feel natural. This is because the gel polish is applied in thin layers, so the nail can bend easily and is flexible! This in contrast to acrylic!

Questions about gel polish?

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

FAQ gel polish

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

Gel polish colours

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

CND Shellac

CND Shellac gel polish Leuven

Your profession does not allow gel nails?

Gel Polish nails are interesting for people who are not allowed to have gel nails applied because of their profession, but who want to have beautiful, shiny and (somewhat) strengthened nails for about two weeks.

Extensive experience

Our nail salon is specialized in the application and embellishment of artificial nails since 2004.

Conveniently located

Our nail salon is located between the Bondgenotenlaan and the Diestsestraat in the centre of Leuven.


Beautiful Nails by Linde is an accredited nail salon by the Belgian Beauty Federation.

Beautiful Nails by Linde


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Gel Polish, Shellac or any other treatment. For appointments you can always reach us on 016 / 23 85 78.

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Louis Melsensstraat 3
3000 Leuven


Monday | 09:00 - 18:00
Wed-Fri | 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday | 09:00 - 17:00


Tel: 016 23 85 78

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In the student city of Leuven, Beautiful nails by Linde not only offers beautiful nails, eyelash extensions and threading and/or tinting of your eyebrows. And actually also for a summery touch, because Spray Tan Leuven is part of the business. If you're looking for an all-round beauty store of quality, Louis Melsensstraat 3 is the right place.

Comparison Gel Nails - Gel Polish

Gel Nails Gel Polish
Durability 3-4 weeks 2 weeks
Reinforcement Nails
Extension nails possible Yes No
Anti-allergic Optional Yes
Odorless Yes Yes

Get your nails done the right way!

Gel Polish Beautiful Nails Leuven

long-lasting, super-glossy manicure

14-day, chip-resistant wear for those who do not want gel nails but still want to enjoy their beautiful hands and feet. Now you can top off your look with beautiful fingers and/or toes, right here in our salon!

Gel Polish Beautiful Nails Leuven

Benefits of Gel Polish with Beautiful Nails

  • Wide choice of colours
  • 14-day, chip-resistant wear
  • We only work with CND Shellac
  • For hands and feet
  • Strengthens your nails
  • Mini manicure included

Perfect Nails

Beautiful Nails is the premier destination for nail services in the heart of Leuven. We have many years of experience under us and take great pride in doing the best job.

Beautiful Nails Leuven 016 / 23 85 78

Appointment possibilities

  • Monday: 09AM tot 06PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wed-Fri: 09AM tot 06PM
  • Saturday: 09AM tot 05PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Popular Gel Polish colours

Garnet Glamour Glitter Gel Polish Glitter CND Shellac Leuven

CND Garnet Glamour

Glitter Gel Polish
Dark Diamonds Glitter Gel Polish Glitter CND Shellac Leuven

CND Dark Diamonds

Glitter Gel Polish
Blush Teddy Gel Polish CND Shellac Leuven

CND Blush Teddy

Regular Gel Polish
Blush Teddy Gel Polish CND Shellac Leuven

CND Wildfire

Regular Gel Polish

CND Gel Polish blue Shellac nails are long-lasting. They’ll last anywhere from 10 to 14 days (better than any traditional manicure). The CND Shellac system will deliver 14 days of high-performance, high-shine, trouble-free wear.

Nails readers choice award CND Shellac has won the Readers Choice Award of NAILS Magazine in the category 'Favorite Gel-Polish' for several years. Every year, NAILS Magazine calls on all nail professionals to vote for their favourite products and this election is widely regarded as the benchmark in the beauty world for which brands and products are the best.

Gel Polish toes CND Shellac can be applied to the nails of your hands as well as to your toenails in the same way and with the same colours. The result of a shellac treatment for your toenails are strong, coloured and shiny toenails that stay beautiful for up to a month.

CND shellac gel polish Due to its hybrid technology, Shellac is hypoallergenic and does not contain any harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. Formaldehyde, for example, is a substance that is used in reinforcing nail polishes. The fabric extracts the moisture from the nails and makes them firmer. But long-term use is disastrous! As these products are not found in CND Shellac, this brand of gel polish is also suitable for sensitive persons.

Frequently asked questions about gel polish

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding gel polish.
CND Shellac leuven

Is there a difference between Shellac and gel polish?

Many people wonder what the difference is between Gel Polish and Shellac. Shellac is the brand name that may only be used by the producer 'Creative Nail Design (CND)'. So Shellac is the Gel Polish that is manufactured by CND.

Why do you choose this gel polish?

Fisrt of all because Shellac has been chosen as the best gel polish in the US several times and is made by a global, well known producer.

Secondly because Shellac '7-free' and hypo-allergenic and is therefore extremely suitable for sensitive individuals.

CND Shellac leuven
CND Shellac leuven

When better to opt for gel nails?

In the following cases it is better to opt for gel nails instead of gel polish:

  • Fragile nails
  • Very short nails
  • Nail Biters
  • Reinforcement of the nail is required
  • Extension is required
  • Longer durability is desired

We aim for quality!

Beautiful Nails uses only the best gel polish products on the - professional - market!

  • Chosen several times as best gel polish
  • Hypo-allergenic and '7-free'
  • CND Shellac is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry
  • Meets all EU quality requirements
  • No Asian or Eastern European import brands
Gel Polish Nails Leuven Gel Polish Nails Leuven
This website uses cookies to function. By continuing, you agree to the terms & conditions governing your use of the website and the services of Beautiful Nails by Linde.