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Nieuwsblad Beautiful Nails by Linde

Interview Linde with 'Het Nieuwsblad'

I have a very personal connection with my clients. Besides a nail technician, I am for them a mainstay. I only work with gels and not with acrylics since these are damaging to the natural nails.

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Wablieft Beautiful Nails by Linde

Interview Linde with 'Wablieft'

Gel nails unhealthy? Absolutely not. It may go wrong when applying the gel layers . If these layers are not applied according to the practices of the trade, water could come between the layers resulting in mold. Unfortunately some people think that they can start for themselves after a short course. Accidents happen as a result. They file through the nail plate which hurts a lot.

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Laatste Nieuws Beautiful Nails by Linde

Interview Sofie De Pauw - Runner Up MBB 2006

Rather accidentally I discovered Beautiful Nails by Linde. Because beautiful nails are important in a beauty contest, I went looking for a nail technician who wanted to sponsor me. So I ended up with Linde. We hit it off right away , we soon became good friends. She delivers amazing work.

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Leuvenwinkelstad Beautiful Nails by Linde

Interview Linde with 'Leuvenwinkelstad'

For me, the relationship between myself and my clients is built on respect and friendship, I have a great clientele, all really wonderful people!