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Many people bite their nails. There could be several reasons for this. Tension, being bored, stress, out of habit, or simply because you like gnawing on your nails.

Your nails definitely won't get any prettier and wounds around the nails can occur. Also because of the nail biting, bacteria that reside under the nail edge can pass through your mouth into your body.

The natural nails of nail biters but also problem nails (cracked nails, brittle nails, ...) can normally be cared for perfectly by placing artificial nails or by enhancing your natural nails with Gel, even if your natural nails are very short.

As a nail-biter, you are well aware of the problems of nail biting:

  1. Nails that are gnawed deep into the nail bed ;
  2. A damaged nail bed, which can cause problems quickly (infections) ;
  3. You want to stop, but you can't

Need a push in the right direction? No dirty ointments but artificial nails in our Nail Salon. We have already helped many customers to get rid of the nail biting habit. How?

Applying artificial nails on the natural nails of a nail-biter has immediately a number of positive effects:

  1. An artificial nail is too hard, too tough and absolutely not tasty to bite it;
  2. The nail bed will immediately have the opportunity to recover and your own nails get a chance to grow longer ;
  3. People around you immediately notice a manicured nail without your natural nail having to grow for a long time

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Some reasons to quit Nail Biting!

Your nails house various bacteria

You use your hands for everything. So, your nails also house different types of bacteria , mold and yeast. Yummy!

Nail biting makes your nails an even bigger paradise for bacteria

In a 2007 study, a swab of the cheek of 59 people was taken and tested for bacteria that can cause diarrhea and nausea . Three guesses ... 76 percent of the nail biters had these bacteria in their saliva, compared to 26.5 percent of non - biters.

Tooth Damage from a delicious nail snack

Nail biters have more often than non-biters chipped teeth, loss of teeth and even dislocated jaws.

Nail biting = Bruxism

If you bite your nails regularly, you are more prone to bruxism , said Dr. Adam Roberts - . Professor in the field of microbial diseases at University College London.

Nail biting doesn't make your gums very happy

Dr. Carlene B. Krejci treated a boy who had a gum swelling under one of his teeth. What happened? Due to years of nail biting , he had six broken nail pieces under his tooth.

Bad breath?

Research shows that nail biters are prone to halitosis (very bad breath). A lot of bacteria already live in your mouth - most of which are supposed to be there - but when you also keep putting your fingers in your mouth, it becomes a regular party for bacteria in your mouth. And that gives a smell.