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Nail biting nail salon Leuven
Nail biting nail salon Leuven
Nail biting gel nails Beautiful Nails by Linde
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Nail biting & Gel Nails

Our nail salon offers efficient solutions for quitting nail biting!

Nail biting & Gel Nails

Our nail salon offers efficient solutions for quitting nail biting!
Nail biting gel Lueven
Quitting nail biting
Nail biter solution
no more ugly nails
Nail biting gel Leuven
A fast remedy

Many people bite their nails. There may be various reasons for this. Tension, stress, boredom and / or habit, or just because you like to nibble on your nails.

Your nails definitely won't get any prettier and wounds around the nails can occur. Also because of the nail biting, bacteria that reside under the nail edge can pass through your mouth into your body.

The natural nails of nail biters but also problem nails (cracked nails, brittle nails, ...) can normally be perfectly treated by placing artificial nails or by strengthening your natural nails with gel, even if your natural nails are very short.

Example with tips

As a nail biter, you are aware of the problems with nail biting:

  1. Nail biting is destructive to fingernails and the surrounding tissue
  2. A damaged nail bed, which can cause problems quickly (infections)
  3. You want to stop, but you can't
Need a push in the right direction? No dirty ointments but artificial nails in our nail Salon. We have helped many customers getting rid of their nail biting habit. How?

Applying artificial nails on the natural nails of a nail-biter has immediately a number of positive effects:

  1. An artificial nail is too hard, too tough and absolutely not tasty to bite;
  2. The nail bed will have the opportunity to recover and your own nails get a chance to grow;
  3. People around you immediately notice your manicured nails and this without your natural nails having to grow for a long time

Questions? Be sure to read our FAQ or call us : 016-23.85.78

We will be happy to answer all questions you might have on our services! FAQ
Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

Again super satisfied with my beautiful nails ! thank you !

Isabelle Libioulle
Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

Yesterday I visited you for gel nails, my nails have never looked so beautiful and natural!

Shauni Vanbaelen
Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

A loyal customer at Linde's and already entered a new year with beautifully treated party nails.

Annelies Poels

Healing your natural nails

Artificial nails not only hide the problem by creating the illusion of well-maintained nails, they also ensure that your nails can heal.

The end of your addiction

As soon as your nail biting addiction is gone, you can have your nails removed by a Beautiful Nails nail stylist if you wish.

No nails that are too long

Don't choose long artificial nails as you are not used to long nails! You will bump your nails unnoticed, which may cause air to form under the gel and release the artificial nail.

Gel polish for nail biting?

Gel polish is unfortunately not an effective solution against nail biting (except for young children where we do not apply gel nails). After all, gel polish is less firming and no extensions can be placed with gel polish. We definitely choose gel nails for nail biters.

Gel nails as a solution for nail biters

Below you will find some examples of nail biters before and after gel nails. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Example of a medium nail biter

An example of a gel manicure on a medium nail biter.

Click for a larger picture
Nagelbijter voor en na gelnagels
Nail biter before and after gel nails

Example of gel nails as a solution for nail biters

An example of gel nails on a rather heavy nail biter.

Click for a larger picture

Example of gel nails on a (light) nail biter

An example of gel nails on a relatively light nail biter.

Click for a larger picture
Nail biter before and after gel nails
Nail biter before and after gel nails

Example of gel nails on a (medium) nail biter

An example of gel nails on a medium to heavy nail biter.

Click for a larger picture
Nail biter before and after a gel manicure

Example of gel nails on a (medium) nail biter

An example of gel nails on a medium nail biter.

Click for a larger picture
Nail biter damaged nail bed

Damaged Nail bed

Extensions can also be placed on short, bitten nails.

Damaged Nail bed

Extensions can also be placed on short, bitten nails.

Damaged Nail bed

Extensions can also be placed on short, bitten nails.

Damaged Nail bed

Extensions can also be placed on short, bitten nails.

An example of one of our customers where some nails have a damaged nail bed. At the third nail, the nail bed is more than half exposed. Also on short, damaged nails extensions can be placed.

Extensions tips nail biter gel nails

The placement of extensions (tips) is in most cases necessary for nail biters. Here is an example of 'tips' with one of our clients that have just been applied, before filing them into the desired shape.

Filing extensions nail biter gel nails

The long, transparent plastic extensions are then professionally filed in the desired shape and length. After this, the different gel layers are applied that give the necessary reinforcement to the nail.


A customer before nail extensions

Another example of one of our clients biting her nails. The nail on the ring finger was bitten off half way into the nail bed and the cuticles of the nails were damaged.

Nail biter before gel nails with extensions
Before extensions

Gel nail extensions

For nail biters with very short nails, extensions (called 'tips') are always applied : plastic nail extensions that are glued to the free edge of the nail. Since nails can grow under the tips, this is only necessary the first time.

Nail biter applying extensions tips
Nail extensions (tips)

Filing the extensions

The plastic nail extensions are filed to the shape and length of natural nails.

The plastic nail extensions are filed to the shape and length of natural nails
Filing the extensions

Cleaning and applying gel

The dust from the filing of the extensions is removed and the various gel layers are applied and cured under a UV or LED lamp.

Nail biter with extensions tips
After extensions
Nail biting man

A common habit.You are not the only one.

Nail biting is a widespread human habit and goes back a long way in time. Even the ancient Greeks were guilty of this nervous twitch. The exact number of people biting their nails (onychophagia) today is not known, but according to studies, this would amount to 1.1 million Belgians.

Nail biting woman

An early habit.Nail biting begins at a young age.

Nail biting often occurs at a young age, whatever the underlying reason. Especially in puberty people are often busy nibbling at their nails. For example, it is thought that about 45 percent of teenagers bite their nails. Fortunately, this number decreases sharply as one grows up.

Nail biting woman

Damaging.Nail biting can damage your nails.

Biting your nails will eventually damage your nail bed. If done frequently, your nail bed can become exposed and the nail itself can no longer adhere to the nail bed and can therefore no longer grow. And believe us (or for who dares: google), that's not a pleasant sight.

It is crawling with bacteria under your nails.

You use your hands for everything. Your nails are a real hotbed of dirt that contains different types of bacteria, mould and yeast. Tasty!

Biting your nails makes them an even greater paradise for bacteria

In a 2007 study, a smear was taken from the cheek of 59 people and tested for bacteria that can cause diarrhoea and nausea. Guess three times ... 76 percent of nail biters had this bacterium in their saliva, compared to 26.5 percent of non-nail biters.

Dental damage caused by a nice nibble

Nailbiters are more likely than non-nailbiters to have to deal with broken teeth, loss of teeth and shifted jaws.

Nail biting = brusxism

If you bite your nails regularly, you are more prone to bruxism, said Dr. Adam Roberts - Professor in the field of microbial diseases at University College London.

With nail biting you will not make your gums happy

Dr. Carlene B. Krejci treated a boy who had gum swelling underneath his teeth. Because of years of biting his nails, he had six broken off nail pieces under his tooth.

A bad breath?

Research shows that nail biters are prone to halitosis (very bad breath). A lot of bacteria already live in your mouth - most of which are supposed to be there - but when you also keep putting your fingers in your mouth, it becomes a regular party for bacteria in your mouth. And that gives a smell.

Nail biting facts

How many people bite their nails?
A study carried out in 2014 by the research bureau Ipsos involving 1,000 people shows that one in four bites their nails. Young people between 21 and 25 are the most susceptible. No less than 42% of them, almost one in two, struggle with this habit. An older study published in Clinical Pediatrics estimates that 28-33% of children between 7 and 10 years of age and 45% of adults bite their nails.
% Nail biters Total Population Young people 21-25
29% 46%
21% 39%
26% 42%
The - sometimes crazy - explanations

Sigmund Freud saw the cause of nail biting in the oral phase. According to Freud, an oral fixation can be explained by several factors, such as over- or malnutrition, prolonged breastfeeding or a problematic relationship with your mother. People who are stuck in that phase during their development (first 21 months of life) would easily be enticed into activities that give them oral satisfaction, such as smoking, eating and nail biting.

In the 1980s, scientists concluded that nail biting was a mild form of self-mutilation or a neurotic symptom of anxiety. But this theory was soon buried as well. Afterwards, nail biting was categorized as an impulsive control disorder or compulsive behavior. These disorders are more common in people with obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders (OCS).

Medical terms
By nail biting (onychophagy) we understand the biting of the fingernails. The biting of the nails of the toes is called podophagy. If you bite your cuticles or remove pieces of soft skin from your nail walls and/or tips of the fingers, this is called onychotillomania.
Nail biter Nail biter
  • I was a real nail-biter, which made my nails very unattractive. Linde saved me! I never dared hope for such beautiful gel nails. They look natural and I have received plenty of compliments already.
    Lore Ceulemans
  • I went for the first time before my 30th birthday to get beautiful nails and hoped to get rid of my nail biting... 5 years later still a happy customer, no nail-biter anymore and a fan of Linde!
    Barbara Gryspeert
  • As a nail-biter for years I ended up with Linde. Thanks to gel nails I got rid of this completely! Great service, nice atmosphere and nice result.
  • As a (heavy) nail biter I had my nails taken care of by Linde and very satisfied with the result!
    Katleen Bogaerts
  • Linde was able to make my 14 year old daughter stop biting her nails in just a few weeks. She turns the nails into real gems, no matter how short they are in the beginning. Because of this, the urge to bite nails is quickly gone. Highly recommended for all those who want to stop nail biting!
    Deborah Bické
  • Also nail biters are welcome here! Super friendly service and beautiful gel nails!
    Dagmar De Munter
  • Very satisfied with Linde's work! She has helped me get rid of nail biting and makes sure I walk around with beautiful nails!
    Sigrid Jacops
  • Very nice experience as a nail biter! As a nail biter, my nails were disastrous and I didn't dare enter a salon. But I took a chance with Linde, and I left the salon with a very good feeling. I didn't feel judged at all and I was helped enormously.
    Elena Parton
  • For as long as I can remember I had this bad habit of biting my nails. I had been looking for a nail technician to help me but I felt insecure and didn't know if they could even help me. Until I came upon beautiful nails by Linde! Through the sample photos on the website I saw that even for the shortest nail there was a solution and the result looks great! I am super satisfied and wish I had come to Linde much sooner.
    Sofie Suys
  • Thanks to Linde's nail salon, I have stopped biting my nails. My nails finally look healthy and cared for again. Top experience!
    Ellen VDR
Nail salon Leuven nail biting

Do you have questions about how we work with respect to nail biting?

Please feel free to contact us with no obligation if you have any questions about how we can help you with nail biting.

016 - 23 85 78

Accredited by the BBF

Our nail salon in Leuven is accredited by the Belgian Beauty Federation.

Quality products

We only use US or EU products of reputable brands.

Transparent pricing

Our prices are straightforward, without a surcharge for color gels or French Manicure.

Advice for nail biters

We recommend shape, color & length of nails, adapted to the degree of nail biting.

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