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  • Maandag: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Dinsdag: Gesloten
  • Woe-vrijdag: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Zaterdag: 10:00 - 17:00
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Spray Tan

By means of an airbrush gun (a specialized paint spray gun) VANI-T Spray Tan is sprayed onto your body according to a specific spray pattern. The result is a beautiful, evenly tanned natural color without orange tones.

A safe tan

A just-of-the-beach look without any UV exposure

A quick tan

A Spray Tan session only takes 15-20 minutes

Natural ingredients

VANI-T Spray Tan contains natural ingredients


Absolutely no animal testing or animal ingredients

Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven

VANI-T Spray Tan

We use only VANI-T's award-winning Spray Tan
Spray Tanning Leuven

Award winning

VANI-T products have already been tested and recommended by international magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Cleo and Harpers Bazaar.

Natural & animal-friendly

VANI-T was founded in Australia to provide a natural and organic answer to chemical selftanners. Absolutely not tested on animals and without any animal products.

Celeb favorite

VANI-T is used by A-list celebrities, beauty editors and TV show presenters around the world, such as Kylie Minogue and the entire crew of Channel 9.

Fast and safe

No exposure to UV rays and still tanned in 15-20 minutes with the same result as 6 to 8 solarium sessions. Ideal for a special occasion or for your vacation.

More information regarding our Spray Tan can be found at

Visit us!

Before your Spray Tan

  • Scrubbing is necessary
  • No perfume, deodorant or body lotion
  • Shave up to 8 hours before your Spray Tan
  • No tight-fitting clothing or clothing with elastic bands
  • No Spray Tan the same day of a special occasion

After your Spray Tan

  • Loose-fitting, dark clothing
  • No showering for at least 4 to 8 hours
  • No sports for up to 8 hours after the Spray Tan
  • Don't forget an umbrella when it rains

Results of our spray tan

Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven Spray Tanning te Leuven

VANI-T Spray Tan

Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven
Spray Tan Leuven
Wedding Tan

We love brides

Book your Bridal Spray Tan to look your best on that special day. We will give you a natural glow and make you look amazing in your bridal photos.

Man Tan

Man Tan

Spray Tan Leuven also provides the 'Man Tan'. We spray tan men of all ethnicities and body types as well as athletes to improve muscle tone.

Vacation Tan Leuven
Vacation Tan Leuven
Vacation Tan Leuven

Vacation Tan

Book your holliday Spray Tan and celebrate your arrival at your vacation destination already tanned and ready to relax and have fun.

Manual Spray Tan Leuven


We work exclusively with the manual Spray Tan technique (and no automatic booth) in order to obtain the best tanning result.

Before your holiday

Taking a Spray Tan session before you leave on holiday is a good idea. With a tan, you look a touch slimmer and feel happier. You are instantly bikini-ready and your outfits look better.

More info in respect of Spray Tanning

Spray Tan
Spray Tan before your holiday

Pre-holiday Spray Tan

With the Belgian spring, you usually don't manage to get a tan to jump around in a bathing suit on day one of your holiday. If you do not want to go under a sunbed, then a Spray Tan is the solution: more confident on the beach and your holiday clothes look even better with a tan.

Spray Tan before your holiday
Spray Tan before your holiday
Spray Tan before your holiday

No UV protection

Of course, a spray tan does not protect against the sun's harmful rays. So should you opt for a spray-tan before you go on holiday, always apply proper sunscreen anyway. It may look like you have a tan, but this offers no protection.

Before your wedding

The effect of a good, light to medium Spray Tan makes eyes glow, teeth look whiter and compliments dresses. You look slimmer, your legs are beautifully tanned.

More information in respect of a wedding tan

Spray Tan
Spray Tan before your wedding

When to book?

If you are getting married, it is best to book a spray tan 2 to 3 days before the wedding. We also strongly advise you to have a trial tan one month before your wedding, so that we can together select the right tan for you.

Spray Tan before your wedding
Spray Tan before your wedding
Spray Tan before your wedding

Bridal Spray Tan

A 'Bridal Spray Tan' involves choosing a medium or light colour intensity so that you can say your yes with a beautiful warm glow that perfectly matches the wedding glow that Mother Nature is undoubtedly giving you that day.

We love spray tanning!

Fast, safe, no UV!

Spray Tan Leuven

Spray Tan

Ideal for those who want to tan without going out in the sun!
Boost your self-confidence : We feel better when we have tan, glowing skin that also makes us look slimmer!
Fast results : It takes a while to get a 'sun-kissed glow' from exposure to the sun or a tanning bed. With a spray tan, this is possible in one visit and in less than 20 minutes.