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Teennagels Leuven
Gelnagels tenen Leuven
Gelnagels tenen Beautiful Nails by Linde
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 17:00

Contact us(016) 23 85 78

Gel or Gel Polish for your toes

Gel or gel polish on your toenails disguises small blemishes on your toes while protecting your toenails with an extra layer without having to polish continuously.

Gel or Gel Polish for your toes

Manicured toenails with gel or gel polish without constantly polishing!
Gel nails toenails
Large choice in colors
Gel nails toenails Leuven
Matching your fingers
Gel nails toenails
Long durability
Gel nails toenails
Holiday ready toes

Gel on your toenails is the same as gel on your fingernails. A small white edge (French Pedicure), some colors on your toes, possibly some Swarovski cristals ... and you immediately have incredibly looking toenails. If you love glossy, perfect toenails, you're going to love long-wear gel, especially in spring and summer. Because toenails grow much more slowly than fingernails, the gel lasts up to twice as long on your toenails! You don't have to worry about your feet and toes anymore, and the water of the pool or even the sea does not affect the gel layer.

What’s great about Gel is there is no maintenance on your side. There is no chipping and your toenails get a shine to die for. And here is the best part, gel toenails usually last at least 4-8 weeks, even if you are in and out of the pool all the time!

Our Nail Salon in Leuven can also apply Gel Polish / Shellac to your toenails. The same perfect looking toes as with gel, but a bit less lasting.

Gel or Gel Polish Pedicures

Gel pedicure gel polish toes Leuven

The classic French Pedicure

Gel pedicure gel polish toes Leuven

A French Pedicure or more colorful?

Gel pedicure gel polish toes Leuven

Don't cut your toenails too short!

Gel Pedis are cosmetic treatments

Toenails gel pedicure Leuven

Gel nails versus a medical pedicure

Gel polish toes

Holiday-ready toes!

Toes gel pedicure

Gel pedicures last longer

Don't hesitate to call us on 016 / 23 85 78 if you have any questions.

We are happy to answer all your questions on gel or gel polish for toenails! Email
Gel toes beach
Gel toes high heels
Gel toes high heels


Beautiful Nails started in 2004 and specializes in the application of gel and gel polish on hands and feet.

Easy to reach

Our nail salon is located between the Bondgenotenlaan and the Diestsestraat in the center of Leuven.


Beautiful Nails by Linde is a nail studio accredited by the Belgian Beauty Federation.

Holiday toenails gel red
Vacation Nails!
Black toenails
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Beach Nails
Nails in the sea
Purple toenails
Great choice in colors
French Pedicure
French Pedicure
Toes slippers beach purple
Toes high heels
Toes high heels
Toes high heels
Vacation toes red
Vacation toes green
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Red gel nails toes and hands

Shellac on toenails lasts a very long time!

Tired of applying nail polish each and every day?

  • Gel on your toenails lasts up to 2 months
  • Gel polish lasts up to 1 month
  • No more daily polishing your nails!
  • Ideal for your holiday!

Large colour choice!

We have a large choice in gels or gel polishes, providing long lasting beautiful toenails.

Ideal for a wedding or holiday

Since they last a long time and have a great shine, gel pedicures are ideal on your toes for a sunny destination.

French, color nails or a natural nail finish

Of course every nail finish is possible on your toes and we can even apply small strass crystals on your toes as nail art.

Matching your gel mani with your gel pedi

Naturally it is possible to match the color on your fingers and toes for a matching effect.


Louis Melsensstraat 3
3000 Leuven


Monday | 09:00 - 18:00
Wed-Fri | 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday | 09:00 - 17:00


Tel: 016 23 85 78
Or come visit our salon!

Social Contact

French Pedicure LeuvenFrench Pedicure

French Pedicure

With a French pedicure, your toenails will be reinforced with gel or gel polish and a white border will be applied. This is the same technique as a French manicure on your fingers, but then applied to the toes.

Toes with colorgelColorgels


Matching your toenails and your nails? No problem! Your toes deserve some color in their lives. We have a wide range of trendy colours for polished toenails or for an instant summer mood.

Nude Nails summerNude/Natural

Nude/natural nails

'Nude' nails are timeless and sophisticated. Not only does the colour make your nails look longer, it never curses with your outfit. Natural nails maintain their natural nail colours.

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