Gel toenails

Just think what would it be like to have perfect looking toes all summer long!
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Gel toe nails
Gel Polish toe nails
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What’s great about Gel is there is no maintenance on your side. There is no chipping and your toenails get a shine to die for. And here is the best part, gel toenails usually last at least 4-8 weeks, even if you are in and out of the pool all the time!

Gel or Gel Polish Pedicures

The classic French Pedicure

Don't cut your toenails too short!

Please note that your toenails cannot be too short in order to apply the gel. So do not cut your toenails yourself before you have your appointment in our nail salon.

A French Pedicure or more colorful?

You do not want a French Pedicure, but prefer a natural (transparant) color or more colorful toes? This can be done with color gels. Our nail salon offers a wide choice of color gels.

Gel Pedis are cosmetic treatments

Teennagels gelnagels Leuven

Gel nails and a medical pedicure

A French pedi treatment is a purely cosmetic treatment and not a (medical) pedicure. If you have problem nails, our Salon in Leuven offers different solutions.
Tenen gellak

Holiday-ready toes!

A French gel pedicure or a color on your toenails is the finishing touch for your feet. Most inegalities are hidden and the gel keeps its shine and color for a really long time.
Tenen gelnagels

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Vakantie teennagels gel rood
Holiday Nails!!
Zwarte teennagels
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Nagels in zee
Paarse teennagels
Large choice in colors!
French Pedicure
French Pedicure
Tenen slippers paars strand
Tenen hoge hak
Tenen hoge hak
Tenen hoge hak
Vakantie tenen rood
Vakantie tenen groen
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Rode gelnagels handen en tenen

Gel on toes lasts a very long time!

Tired of polishing your toenails daily?

  • Gel on your toenails lasts up to 2 months
  • Gel polish lasts up to 1 month
  • No more daily polishing your nails!
  • Ideal for your holiday!

Large choice in colors

We have a large choice in gels or gel polishes, providing long lasting beautiful toenails.

Ideal for a wedding or holiday

French, color or natural nails

In line with your gelnails or gel polish nails