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Gel nails pink Leuven
Gel nails Leuven
Gel nails Beautiful Nails by Linde
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Gel Nails (Gel Manicure) Leuven

Gel nails are an ideal solution for strong, long & beautiful nails! A gel mani strenghtens the nails, provides the possibility for extensions and you don't need to polish your nails for 3 weeks!

Gel Nails (Gel Manicure) Leuven

Gel nails are the ideal solution for strong, long and well-manicured nails
Gel manicure nails Leuven
Large choice in colours
gel manicure beautiful nails
Professional Gel Nails Leuven
gel manicure beautiful nails leuven
Suited for nail biters
gel manicure nails leuven
Reinforcement of fragile nails

Having a well cared for appearance is a must for women nowadays. Your hands and nails certainly deserve attention in this respect. Indeed, well cared for hands and nails can be a very effective eye catcher. Nail Salon Beautiful Nails by Linde provides your hands and nails with the proper care and gives them that little bit extra. We work with gels that are applied to your own natural nails or artificial nails. A layer of gel strengthens your own nails and thus prevents the breaking and/or tearing of the natural nail.

Even when you work, do the dishes or clean your house, your nails will keep their beautiful shine and color. A true revolution in the field of nail care! The gels are applied on top of the nails in several layers. Afterwards the applied gel is hardened by means of an ultraviolet lamp. A top coat is applied to offer additional protection. Finally we apply special treating oil to the nails. In order to keep your nails in perfect condition they will have to be cared for every 2 to 4 weeks. Naturally you can choose for a French Manicure look (the well known look in which the natural colors of your nails are imitated), various decorations, or a finishing touch with different colors or drawings (nail art).

Would you like perfectly polished nails when you go on vacation? But you don't want to bring your nail polish in your suitcase or purse and you are tired of the daily polishing with a regular nail polish or the chipped nails on vacation? Gel nails are the solution! See here for an example of gel nails applied by our nail salon after two weeks of sun, sea and sand.

Questions? Please read our FAQ or contact us.

FAQ Contact Pricelist
Gel manicure natural nails Leuven
Gel manicure color nails Leuven
Gel manicure color nails Leuven
Gel manicure natural nails Leuven
Gel manicure French manicure nails Leuven
Gel manicure French manicure nails Leuven

Below links provide you with more information about:

Nail biting Bridal Nails

The Benefits of Gel nails

Gel nails are flexible

Gel nails are flexible and strong (more flexible than acrylic), so you will almost not bend or break them in case of hard bumps. Gel nails also look very natural and have a beautiful shine.


A big benefit of gel nails is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. In fact, gel nails last on average 3 weeks and will not easily chip, break, or peel.

No more chipped nail polish

The biggest annoyance of nail polish: chipped nail polish! Less than an hour after polishing your brand new colour has already been chipped? With gel nails you no longer suffer from chipped nail polish.

Experiment with colours

Gel Nails are incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with colours and designs. You can use bold and bright colours or rather a French manicure or a natural look to truly express your personality.

Added protection

If your own nails are particularly weak, or prone to splitting easily, then Gel Nails can help to strengthen and protect your own, natural nails.

Extensions are possible

Gel nails offer the possibility to extend very short nails or the bitten nails of nail biters by means of tips. This is for example not possible with regular nail polish or gel polish.

Extension with tips gel nails

Extension with tips

Short or damaged nails can be lengthened in one go by means of tips. The tips are glued onto the edge of your nails and are then shortened to the desired length and filed. The gel is then applied to the nail and tip for an even result. Since your own nails can grow under the tips, after some time the tips are no longer necessary and gel can be placed on your own nails.

Re-applying gel nails Leuven

Re-applying gel
A new finish

Your fingernails grow at an average rate of 0.5 to 1.2 mm per week (toe nails 0.3 mm). As a result, after a few weeks you can see some space between your cuticle and the gel. Depending on the growth rate of your nails, re-applying your gel nails will be necessary after 2 to 4 weeks if you decide to keep your gel nails. You can select a different finish at any time (color, French, natural, nude).

Repair & Removal Gel Nails manicure

Repair & Removal
Be sure to make an appointment!

The only way to remove your gel nails is to file them. Beautiful Nails' nail stylists know perfectly well how to do this professionally. Never remove your gel nails yourself, but make an appointment

A broken nail? Be sure to make an appointment for a repair. In a few minutes your nails are perfect again. The first 5 days a sporadic repair is free of charge.


Louis Melsensstraat 3
3000 Leuven
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We are accredited by the
Belgian Beauty Federation
What does this mean?


Monday | 09:00 - 18:00
Wed - Fri | 09:00 - 18:00
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Tel: 016 23 85 78
During each treatment you can choose what you want your nails to look like until your next appointment:
  • The classic "French Manicure"
  • With a classic French manicure, the nail gets a nude look, while the edge is painted in radiant white. It gives the nails a natural yet very stylish look. A true classic!
  • A colour Gel
  • Our nail salon has a wide range of colours to style your nails for every occasion or season!
  • Natural Gel Nails
  • As the name says, a well-groomed, natural look of gel nails.
  • Nail-Art
  • Choice of various decorations, stickers, crystals, ... !
My natural nails are quite short. Do I need nail extensions in order to have gel nails applied?
If your own natural nails are long enough to place gel nails, an extension is of course only necessary if you want longer nails. In principle, we can even place gel nails on relatively short nails without the need for extensions.

If you are a serious nailbiter or have very short nails of your own, it may be advisable to have your nails extended the first time (also called a 'set' of gel nails). These nail extensions are placed using 'tips' that have the shape of a natural, long nail and are filed to the desired length.

Example of extensions for a nailbiter

Why Gel Nails?

Gel nails offer many advantages over acrylic

Gel nails offer more flexibility, offer a long-lasting shine and look more natural than acrylic nails. Also, gel nails do not have the harmful properties that acrylic has.

Gel nails are a solution for nail biters

The artificial nail is too hard, too tough and not particularly tasty. Your nail bed will immediately have the opportunity to recover and your nails get a chance to grow longer. Example

Gel nails provide a beautiful, long-lasting result

Gel nails provide a long lasting result. Even if you work, do the dishes or clean your house, your nails remain shiny with a beautiful color. Gel nails yellow or fade out, even in the sun on holiday. No more daily polishing your nails! Example

Beautiful Nails Leuven also has anti-allergic gels

Should you suffer from allergies, you can also have gel nails with our anti-allergic gels as we are one of few nail salons that have a range of anti-allergic gels.

We only use high-quality products

We work exclusively with high qualitative American or Western European products from well-known manufacturers. As a customer, you can be sure that all our products comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive and that no harmful Asian or Eastern European (fake) products are used.

Happy customers

Paulien Mathues gel nails

Paulien Mathues

The Voice of Flanders with red gel nails and Swarovski stones placed in our nail salon.
Laura D'Heedene gel nails

Laura D'Heedene

The lead singer of Carmine and participant in Idols and Eurosong with nailart and Swarovski crystals in our nail salon.
Katrien Goris gel nails

Katrien Goris

Miss Belgian Beauty with natural nails as finishing in our nail salon.
Debbie Roelants gel nails

Debbie Roelants

Miss Belgium candidate with a red gel manicure in our nail salon.
Clara Sisk gel nails

Clara Sisk

The actress who plays emergency doctor Joke Saenen in the reality series 'Real stories: SOS 112' with red gel nails.

Lots of nail looks possible

Extension or rather a reinforcement? A natural look or striking? Natural, Color Gels, French, Nail Art, ...

Easily reachable

Beautiful Nails is located in the centre of Leuven between the Bondgenotenlaan and Diestsestraat.

Experience assured

Beautiful Nails has been a valued name in Leuven and the surrounding area since 2004.

Beautiful Nails Leuven

Our clients with a gel manicure:

Beautiful Nails Leuven

Review in lifestyle magazine Belmodo:

In the student city of Leuven, Beautiful nails by Linde not only offers beautiful nails, but also lash extensions and tinting and threading of your eyebrows. If you're looking for an all-round high-quality beauty salon, Louis Melsensstraat 3 is the right place to be.

Belmodo logo

3 addresses for perfect nailsBELMODO LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

Gel Nails as a remedy for nailbiting

Gel nails (extensions) are particularly suited for nail biters, even with very short nails.

Read more
Nailbiter before gel nails Nailbiter after gel nails
Use the slider to see the difference before and after gel nails on very short and worn nails.

Nail biting and gel nails

About half of all children and teenagers bite their nails. Most of the time they don't stop as an adult. So if you bite your nails as an adult, it may be that this habit was developed when you were younger and you just never stopped.

Sometimes biting your nails can be a sign of emotional or mental stress. Nail biting sometimes occurs when you are nervous, anxious or experiencing a lot of stress. It is a way to deal with these feelings.

Gel nails are a solution to immediately have beautiful nails as a nail biter. We can transform very short nails into beautiful and strong nails.


Psoriasis nails and a gel manicure

Psoriasis is a common chronic, non-contagious skin condition. 25% to 50% of people with skin psoriasis also have nail problems. Only 5 percent of people with nail psoriasis has no skin complaints. The medical term is "psoriasis unguium" or simply "nail psoriasis".

Classic signs are dents in the nails, the loosening of the nail (oncholysis), discoloration and changes in shape or thickness. Lines and grooves across the width of the nail may appear, or the nail crumbles because the underlying structure becomes weaker. Gravity and characteristics vary from person to person.

Our nail studio has experience with these problem nails and we can treat a psoriasis nail adequately and hygienically of course with the consent of the treating physician. The top of the affected nail can be smoothed, after which gel, gel polish or anti-allergenic gel is applied. If desired, artificial nails ('tips') can also be applied, which are indistinguishable from real nails.

Psoriasis nails gel nails
Video gel nails

Long-lasting shine

Your gel nails will keep their colour and shine for an average of 3 weeks, rendering nail polish unnecessary.

Flexible reinforcement of your nails

Professionally placed gel nails protect, strengthen and embellish fragile nails.

A different colour each time

With each appointment, you can always choose to have a different finish or colour applied.

Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven Gel Nails Leuven Linde Gel Nails Leuven Linde Gel Nails Leuven Linde Gel nails Beautiful Nails Leuven Gel nails Beautiful Nails Leuven Beautiful Nails Leuven Beautiful Nails Leuven Gel nails Nail salon Leuven

The 8 most frequently asked questions on gel nails

What are gel nails?

Gel nails are a long-term replacement of classic nail polishes with the added benefits of greater strength, flexibility and long lasting gloss. In contrast to a classic nail polish that begins to peel off after 1-2 days, gel nails last approximately 2 to 3 weeks and up to 4 weeks (and sometimes longer). The gel is built up with a brush in 3 layers that are hardened each time under a professional UV lamp. Your own nails can be reinforced with a layer of gel or your nails can be lengthened with tips.

Do gel nails damage your own nails?

No, applying gel nails will not damage your own natural nails. Nail damage can however be caused by incorrect application or removal. No nail damage is seen when the following prerequisites are met:

  • The use of professional products.
  • The application of Gel Nails is performed in a professional and hygienic way.
  • An experienced and well trained nail stylist!

Which finishes are possible?

The following finishes are possible with gel nails:

Gel Nails Finish More info
French Manicure More info
Various color gels Example
Natural Nails Example
Nail Art More info
Extensions with tips Example

Are gel nails applied on men?

Musicians who play string instruments can wear artificial nails as an aid to playing. Some guitarists such as Don Ross, Doyle Dykes and James Taylor are known for this. Many flamenco and classical guitarists use different types of artificial nails to achieve a consistent, clear tone with each string struck and to prevent wear and tear on their own nails.

Is applying gel nails painful?

When your nail stylist applies your gel nails in a professional and correct way, this is completely painless (at most you will experience some discomfort on a very hot day due to the combination with the heat of the UV lamp). If you do experience pain during or after the treatment, your nail plate will probably be damaged. This is usually due to inexperience and/or an incorrect technique of your nail stylist. Your nails should not feel red or painful during/after treatment.

Also the use of wrong (mostly Asian) products can cause a painful feeling of your nails. After all, in some (non-EU or non-US) countries the gel is produced very cheap, but without any regulation or quality control and with likely harmful components (and sometimes contains dangerous substances).

Removing gel nails?

If you want to have gel nails removed, it is advisable to have them removed in a professional manner. Beautiful Nails can professionally remove your gel nails as well. We make sure that your natural nails do not get damaged. The nail is composed of several layers and if you remove the nail yourself, you can damage the natural nail, resulting in thin, weak and fragile nails.

Can I do my daily activities with gel nails?

Gel nails are stronger than your own natural nails. So you can do all your daily activities without fear of torn or broken nails. Whether you work, cook, brush or work in the garden, your nails will remain beautiful, firm and shiny.

Of course you need to think about the length of your artificial nails if you go for extensions! After all (very) long artificial nails are (more) difficult to work with if you're active with your hands. Then a slightly shorter nail is absolutely the best solution.

Beautiful Nails Leuven

Beautiful Nails - effortless

Durable wear

A gel manicure lasts 3 to 4 weeks on average and only needs to be redone when your own nails have outgrown the gel layers.

Strengthening your nails

The main advantage of gel nails (as well as of course not having to polish them every other day), is the strengthening of your natural nails.


The professional application of gel nails with high quality products is completely painless and does not damage the natural nails.

High quality

Beautiful Nails by Linde uses only quality products and equipment to give our customers the best nail care available.

Gel nails Nail Art Leuven
Nail Stickers

Candidate Eurosong & Idols with Nail Stickers.

Red gel manicure nails Leuven
Red Gel Nails

Candidate Miss Belgium with a red gel manicure.

Red gel manicure nails Leuven

Actress 'Het Spreekuur', 'De Beker' and 'SOS 112' with red gel nails.

Gel manicure holidays pool
Client Nailfi
Gel pedicure beach
Client Nailfi

Gel manicure on holiday

With its long durability, excellent reinforcement and the natural and flexible feel of a gel manicure, you can enjoy your holidays without having to polish your nails.

Gel manicure beach
Client Nailfi
Gel manicure ski slopes
Client Nailfi

More Gel Nails

More possibilities for gel nails in our nail salon

Wedding Manicure

Of course, you don't want to forget any detail when your big day arrives. One of those important details are your nails (and your toenails if you will wear open shoes) as your hands are in the spotlight that day greeting your guests, your wedding bouquet and exchanging the rings.

Wedding Nails
Wedding manicure white Wedding manicure white

Nail biting & gel nails

Research shows that 10 to 15% of the population bites its nails, a.o. because of stress, nervousness or boredom. There are mild nail biters, which bite their nails slightly, but there are also more extreme cases, where the nail biting results in damage to the nail bed. Gel nails are a commonly used solution!

Nail biting
Nail biting & gel nails Nail biting & gel nails

Gel or Gel Polish on toes

You want a nice colour or a French Manicure on your toes but your nail polish chips after just a few days and you don't feel like constantly applying nail polish on your toenails? Then gel on toenails is definitely a solution! As your toenails grow slowly, you can enjoy beautiful and well-groomed feet almost all summer!

Gel pedicure
Gel Pedicure toes high heels Gel Pedicure toes vacation holidays

Nail care with a gel manicure

Nail care

If you already have gel nails or polished nails, the application of your gel nails begins with the professional removal of the gel or polish.

Then your nails are filed in the desired shape & length and we take care of your cuticles.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for an extension of your nails or for gel on your own nails. You can opt for a natural look, one of the many color-gels or a French manicure look. The gels are applied to the nails in a few layers. The gel layer is then hardened under a UV lamp. The process is finished with a protective top coat. The cuticles are nourished one by one with cuticle oil.

Natural Gel Nails
You don't like colours but rather a natural look? Then we will finish your gel nails by applying a transparent gel to your nails so that your nails retain their own natural look yet have the benefit of being strengthened by the gel.
French Manicure
The French manicure is a real classic nail look (invented in the 70s!) that is still very trendy. This manicure is perfect for an evening party or just for the office. A French Manicure is also suitable to camouflage the difference between shorter and longer nails. Do you think the classic French manicure is a bit of a normal thing? Then we can always work with colors other than white to give the tips of your nails a different shade.
Colour Gels
Beautifully coloured nails are each season one of the most viewed beauty trends and give a refined impression and complete your look! Our nail salon has a very wide choice of colours and also adapts the colours to the most beautiful nail trends of the season!
Nail salon Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven Nail salon Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or should you like an appointment. By phone 016 / 23 85 78 of via the contact form.

  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    A loyal customer for years and always satisfied! Top quality nails, always trendy colors and a nice chat over a coffee or a glass of bubbly!

    Elke Audooren
  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    Top of the bill! have been a customer right from the start. Every treatment is finished with the utmost care. I have never been disappointed. Always a moment of relaxation. Top

    Inge de Vuyst
  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    Highly recommended! I received a gift certificate and was very satisfied with the result: beautiful and well-treated nails, while still having a natural look.

    Celine De Buck
  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    You really are an artist! It's always zen with you, nice welcome with a bubble, nice chat, pamper moment!

    Carine Thielemans
  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    Very satisfied! Linde works fast, hygienic, painless and gives excellent color advice. For the first time in my life I have long, shiny and well-cared for nails!

    An Brouns
  • Customer Testimonial Beautiful Nails by Linde

    Super satisfied from Linde. She is on time, fast, efficient, and nails perfectly done during a nice chat and a drink.

    Inge Wullaert

Price gel manicure

Price gel manicure nails Leuven
Gel Manicure

Gel mani on your own nails

Gel manicure without applying artifical nails

Natural Gel
Color Gel
French Manicure
Price gel manicure nails Leuven
Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure (set)

Gel manicure including applying artifical nails

Natural Gel
Color Gel
French Manicure
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