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Professional nail care for today's woman

Having a well cared for appearance is a must for women nowadays. Your hands and nails certainly deserve attention in this respect. Indeed, well cared for hands and nails can be a very effective eye catcher.

Nail Studio Beautiful Nails by Linde provides your hands and nails with the proper care and gives them just that little bit extra. We work with (color)gels that are applied on your nail or nail extension. The gels are applied on top of your natural nail or nail extension and provide for a long lasting result.

Even when you work, do the dishes or clean your house, your nails will have a beautiful shine and color. A true revolution in the field of nail care!

The gels are applied on top of the nails in several layers. Then the applied gel is hardened by mean of an ultraviolet lamp. Afterwards a topcoat will be applied. Finally we apply special treating oil to the nails.

Would you like perfectly painted nails when you go on vacation? But you don't want to bring your nail polish in your suitcase or purse and you are tired of the daily painting or the chipped nails on vacation? Gel nails are the solution! Look here for an example of gel nails applies by our nail salon after two weeks of sun, sea and sand.

During each appointment, you can choose which styling you want for your nails until the next appointment:
  • The classic "French Manicure"
  • White nail edges combined with a natural or light pink color to the nail bed. A true classic!
  • A color gel
  • Our Nail Salon has a large choice of gel colors to choose from, for every occasion or season!
  • A natural styling
  • As the name says, a natural look of gel nails.
  • Nail Art
  • Choice between several stickers, cristals, ....
My natural nails are quite short. Do I need nail extensions in order to have gel nails applied?
If your natural nails are long enough to apply the gel layer, nail extensions ('set') are of course only needed if you yourself want to have longer nails. Generally we can apply gel nails on short nails without the need for extensions.

If you are a nailbiter or have very short nails, it can be required the first time to apply extensions (also called a 'set' gel nails). These nail extensions are applied through the use of 'tips' that have the shape of a long, natural nail and will be filed in the required length and shape.

Example of extensions for a nailbiter

Why Gel Nails?

Gel nails offer a lot of advantages compared to regular acryl.

Gel nails offer more flexibility, a longer lasting shine and durability than regular acrylic nails. Moreover, gel nails are better for your own nails than acryl (no damage to the nails/allergies)

Gel nails are a solution for nail biters

The artificial nail is too hard, too tough and not particularly tasty. Your nail bed will immediately have the opportunity to recover and your nails get a chance to grow longer. Example

Gel nails provide a beautiful, long-lasting result

Gel nails provide a long lasting result. Even if you work, do the dishes or clean your house, your nails remain shiny with a beautiful color. Gel nails yellow or fade out, even in the sun on holiday. Done with daily polishing your nails!

Beautiful Nails Leuven also has anti-allergic gels

Should you suffer from allergies, you can also have gel nails with anti-allergic gels as we are one of few nail salons that have a range of anti-allergic gels.

Happy customers

Paulien Mathues gel nails

Paulien Mathues

The Voice of Flanders with red gel nails and Swarovski crystals in our Nail Salon
Laura D'Heedene gel nails

Laura D'Heedene

Singer of Carmine and participant in Idols and Eurosong with nail art and Swarovskis in our Nail Salon.
Katrien Goris gel nails

Katrien Goris

Miss Belgian Beauty with naturel gel nails in our Nail Salon.
Debbie Roelants gelnagels

Debbie Roelants

Miss Belgium candidate with red gel nails in our nail salon in Leuven.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us : 016 - 23 85 78



Linde is a miracle worker, rescued my nails the other week and made them look beautiful. Thank you.

Linde zorgt niet enkel voor mijn perfecte nagels, maar is zonder twijfel geweldig gezelschap en een ideale invulling voor me-time!

Super leuke zaak! Goede sfeer, super service, prachtige nagels en gewéldige mensen die je nagels prachtig maken. Beter kan het niet!

Beste nagelstyliste in leuven!

Linde werkt snel en grondig om je de beste gel-manicure te geven die zeker drie weken houdt! De fijne babbel en toffe sfeer krijg je er zo bij!

Easily reachable

Beautiful Nails is located in the center of Leuven between the Bondgenotenlaan and the Diestsestraat.

Lots of experience

Beautiful Nails has been applying gel nails in Leuven since 2004.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Gel Nails

What are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are a longlasting natural looking replacement for regular nail polish with as added advantages that they are thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing and nonporous with a longlasting shine. As opposed to regular nail polish which chips in 2-3 days, Gel Nails lasts for two to four solid weeks without chipping. Gel nails are painted on in several layers with a brush and then cured under a UV light. Your own nails can be strengthened with a layer of gel or nail extensions ('tips') can be used to add strength and length to your natural nails.

Do Gel Nails damage your own nails?

Gel Nails are not bad for your natural nails. Nail damage can however be caused by incorrect application or removal. No nail damage is seen when the following prerequisites are met:

  • The use of professional products.
  • The application of Gel Nails is performed in a professional and hygienic way.
  • A good experience and eduction of your nail stylist!

What is possible with Gel Nails?

The following finishes are possible with Gel Nails:

Gel Nails Finish More info
French Manicure More info
Color Gels Example
Natural Nails
Nail Art More info
Airbrush Nails
Extensions with tips Example

Are Gel Nails painful?

Gel nails, and acrylic nails for that matter, should not hurt at all. If you get your nails done by a properly qualified technician, you should have a lovely experience! (at most some discomfort on very warm days can be experienced due to the combined heat of the UV lamp). If you experience pain at any time, likely your nail has been damaged by the filing (too much/too hard) which is often the case when inexperienced and/or badly educated technicians do your nails.

Also the use of the wrong (mostly Chinese) products can cause a painful sensation on your nails. The gel in certain countries is manufactured very cheap but without any regulation or quality control (and sometimes contains dangerous substances).

Gel Nails removal?

If you want to have your gel nails removed, it is best to have this done with a qualified technician. Beautiful Nails can professionally apply and remove your gel nails. We make sure that your natural nails are not damaged. The gel layer is in fact built up from several layers, and when start removing the layers yourself, you can cause damage to your natural nail, with the resulting thin, brittle, and fragile nails.

Can I do my daily activities with Gel Nails?

Gel nails are stronger than your own natural nails. So you can do all your daily activities without fear of torn or broken nails. Whether you are working, cooking, cleaning or working in the garden, your nails will be beautiful, strong and shiny.

Of course you need to think about the length of your artificial nails if you go for extensions! After all (very) long artificial nails are (more) difficult to work with if you're active with your hands. Then a slightly shorter nail is absolutely the best solution.