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Wedding Nails

Beautiful hands and bridal nails for the bride

The most important day in your life. Your wedding. You want to look your best. Whether you plan to have your wedding soon or just dream about it, consider every detail carefully to make each and every moment of this ceremony memorable. Not only the dress, jewelry and hairstyle will be important. On your wedding day, you will get noticed from head to toe, from your hair strands to your toe nails, not only by your husband-to-be but by everyone present at the wedding and the party. On such an important day of your life, you cannot afford to have anything less than beautiful nails.

Beautiful hands and nails complete the wedding picture. We can provide beautiful bridal nails on such an important day. For the bride, but possibly also the guests, such as mother or sisters. From natural to glamour, everything is possible.

We recommend to make your appointment well in advance. If this is not possible, we will of course try to be flexible to make your nails beautiful for your wedding.

Of course we will discuss your wishes and ideas, so together we can create a beautiful look for your wedding nails. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or even come by our Nail Salon without any obligation.

Your hands and nails will be immortalized in your wedding photos and film. So it is important that your hands and nails on this important day are as beautiful as possible!


Are decorations possible?

As a bride, your wedding nails can be decorated with crystals, drawings, patterns, ... Usually a more or less traditional nail-look is chosen, possibly with some nail crystals.

How long do my beautiful wedding nails last?

Depending on how quickly your natural nails grow, your wedding nails should last between 2 to 4 weeks.

When do I make an appointment?

We recommend to make your appointment well in advance. You can of course at any time - and without obligation - stop by our nail salon for any questions you might have and/or to discuss your needs.

Your wedding day

Wedding Nails Leuven

Your wishes?

We raden om geruime tijd tevoren een afspraak te maken voor je nagels op je huwelijksdag. Zo kunnen we je wensen overlopen en kan je tevens je vragen stellen.
Bridal Nails gel nails

Your wedding dress, the wedding rings and ...

Especially on your wedding day, you want to look your best! This also holds true for your hands and nails. Especially since your hands and nails will be photographed and filmed multiple times. Make sure they look their best!

Also read our FAQ

Please also read our Nail FAQ.
And certainly don't hesitate to contact us if you have any (nail) questions.
Customer Testimonails

Prachtige nagels, uitstekende service en altijd een gezellige babbel! Gewoon top!

Margriet Elzinga
Customer Testimonails

Dankjewel voor de weeral prachtige nageltjes, lieverd.

Majella Boon
Customer Testimonails

Hoi Linde, vorig week voor de eerste keer bij jou geweest en het was ZALIG! :) Wat een leuke en warme sfeer bij jou en met het glaasje cava voelde ik me al helemaal thuis :) Dankjewel voor mijn prachtige nageltjes

Sara Baens
Customer Testimonails

Prachtige zaak! Ik krijg hier keer op keer super mooie nageltjes! Kwaliteit is hier een levensstijl! Ik ben steeds opnieuw fier met deze prachtnageltjes!

Debbie Roelants

Please don't hesitate to contact us : (016) 23.85.78. We like to help you with your questions!.

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Lots of experience!Beautiful Nails Leuven

Our nail salon is active since 2004 and has become the place-to-be in and around Leuven for nail, foot and hand care.

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From head to toe?Beautiful Nails Leuven

A French Pedicure will of course compliment your feet should you wear open shoes for a summer wedding.

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A quick brown color?Beautiful Nails Leuven

You want a tan for your wedding? We recommend a VANI-T Spray Tan for a safe and quick wedding tan!

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