French Manicure

Still a Classic Nail Look - Though again Hip & Trendy!
French Manicure Leuven
French Manicure Leuven
French Manicure Leuven
French Manicure Leuven

The origin of the "French manicure" can be found on the Paris catwalks. As nail fantasies by French models may distract attention from the haute-couture clothing, the designers decided that the models could have no bright nail colors and nail fantasies. In order to still have manicured nails on the catwalk, the nails of the models were styled on the basis of natural colors: Pearl white nail edges combined with a natural or light pink color to the nail bed (the so-called "French manicure").

The French manicure was an immediate success on the catwalks and a trend in the world. This way of nail decoration has nowadays become a household name.

Especially in the summer, the soft pink or natural color with the white edge bears resemblance to the shells on a tropical beach. Your nails are true gems that accentuate even more your tanned hands.

A French manicure is also ideally suited to camouflage the difference between shorter and longer nails. The white edge makes short(er) nails optically appear longer. A French Manicure is moreover always a classy look!


A French pedicure reinforces your toenails with gel and results in pearl white nail edges. It is therefore the same as a French manicure, but applied to the toes.

A French manicure can of course also be applied with gel polish instead of gel. An equally good result that will keep a bit less than gel nails. we have a varied range of gel polish colors in our Nail Salon.

A thick or thin French manicure?

The gel layer on your nails or on your artificial nails should resemble as much as possible the shape of a beautiful, natural nail and certainly not put like a "ball" on top of your nails.

Fun facts

French Manicure Leuven


The origin of the word "manicure" is found in the Latin language: "Manus" or hands and "cura" or care.
Nail Salon French Manicure

A French and American success story

Jeff Pink is credited with inventing the French Manicure at the Paris fashion shows, but the American actresses of the 1920's-1930's have made this Nail-style popular.
Classic French Manicure

A classic Look

The French manicure is a really classic naillook that remains hip & trendy. This look is just as suitable for a dinner party as for a business lunch.