Hypo-allergenic Gel for Gel Nails

Our Nail Salon has a wide range of hypo-allergenic gels without acrylates!
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Just as people can be allergic to pollen (hay fever), some shampoos, body lotions and mascara, a very small minority of people exhibits an allergic reaction to the acrylate component in gels. Usually such a reaction is most common with acrylic nails (which our nail salon does not offer), but sometimes an allergy to gels can occur. This manifests itself mostly in itchy fingertips.

Differences with normal gel nails

Applying anti-allergic gels is technically a lot more difficult than applying regular gel nails. As a customer, you will of course not notice the difference in application or result, however applying acrylate-free gels requires a high degree of technical expertise. The aforementioned (as well as the cost price) is one of the main reasons anti-allergic gel is seldom used in nail salons.

Cost price of antiallergic gels

Beautiful Nails has chosen not to pass on the higher cost of the antiallergic gels to you as a customer. This however entails that we do not keep the same stock of colors as we do in regular gels.

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More about allergies

Acrylic nails often causes allergies

Acrylic nails cause more often allergies given the method of applying acrylic nails to your own nails. The monomer in acrylic products is much more volatile whilst gel is a more syrupy product whereby no a chemical reaction is created, which is the case when acryl is mixed. One of the reasons our nail salon does not work with acrylic nails!

Hypo-allergenic gels

Our nail salon has a wide range of anti-allergic gels. Not just to apply a French Manicure to your nails but we also have a wide range of color gels.


Hypo-allergenic gel polish Shellac

Hypo-allergenic Gel Polish

Our Nail Salon also only uses Shellac, the gel polish from CND. Not only because it is one of the best brands, but also because this particular gel polish is hypo-allergenic!
Anti-allergenic gel nails

The same results

Anti-allergenic gels also give a long lasting result, just as regular gels. Your nails will be shiny and have a beautiful color for 3-4 weeks.