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Our Services

gel nails Nail Salon Leuven

The daily care of your appearance is a must for the modern and professional woman. Also your hands and nails deserve special attention as they get noticed immediately.

Gel Nails
gel nails Leuven

Beautiful Nails by Linde takes care of your hands and nails and provides that little bit extra.

Gel Nails
Nail Salon Leuven

Our Nail Stylists will take care of your nails and/or artificial nails. We have a wide range of nail colors.

Gel Nails
Gellak Leuven

Shellac gelpolish combines the properties of a gel with those of a nail polish in various colours. Ideal for the professional woman.

Gel Polish
CND Shellac Leuven

Shellac is especially fit for people who don't want gel nails, but do want to enjoy beautiful, well cared for nails.

Gel Polish

Strong nails, a perfect polish and a long durability of at least 2 weeks! Check the available colors in our nail salon!

Gel Polish
Eyelashes Leuven

Eyelash tinting is for people who like their lashes black, but find mascara to be the too much effort!

Eyelashes Leuven

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of your own eyelashes.

Eyelashes Leuven

The Lash Lift instantly gives your eyelashes lift, separation, and extra definition and we can also apply semi-permanent mascara!

Wenkbrauwverzorging Leuven

Our Salon offers eyebrow threading, epilation and tinting or dyeing of your eyebrows.

Sleek Brows Leuven

We also offer the possibility of a full remodelling or reconstruction of your eyebrows with a revolutionary new system: Sleek Brows!

Epilatie wenkbrauwen

Our studio will help you discover the best shape for your eyebrows whilst keeping their natural appearance and look.


Nail Salon

Your hands and nails are the first thing people notice when meeting you. Unfortunately, strong nails have not been given to everyone. As an aid to strengthen your nails, to get rid of nail biting or - of course - just to have beautiful nails, Beautiful Nails by Linde can apply gel to your own nails or apply extensions to your nails.

Gels come in different colours and finishes (e. g. French Manicure, Naturel and Colour) and offer flexibility and strength, so nail polish is no longer needed and little care of your nails is required.

Gel nails are ideal for nail biters and beautiful wedding nails look great on your wedding photos or movies.


Our nail studio in the centre of Leuven offers a variety of nail and hand care services:

Are you looking for a fun and original gift for Valentine, Christmas or a birthday? We also have various gift vouchers.


Belmodo chose our nail studio in Leuven as one of 3 addresses for perfect nails!

Our nail studio was praised in 2017 by Tiany Kiriloff's Fashion & Lifestyle magazine Belmodo as one of the three best addresses in Belgium for perfect nails!

About us

Since 2004

Nail salon Beautiful Nails by Linde has been a standard for nail care in the centre of Leuven since 2004.

Easy to reach

Our nail studio is located in the Louis Melsensstraat in Leuven between the Bondgenotenlaan and Diestestraat with many parking lots nearby.

Wide range of colours

We have a wide range of colours - both gels and gel polish - which are regularly updated to adapt our assortment to the season.

Gel nails

What are gel nails?

Gel nails are nails which have been strengthened or extended by means of a gel. This gel is applied in several layers to your natural nails by means of a nailbrush. The entire coating is then hardened under a professional UV lamp. Your own nails can be strengthened with a layer of gel or your nails can be extended with a tip.

Gel Polish

What is gel polish?

Gel polish is also sometimes called 'semi-permanent nail polish' because it is applied to the natural nail like a nail polish and then hardened out with a professional UV lamp. It is thus a hybrid form between an ordinary nail polish and gel nails. Just as with gel nails, multiple layers of gel polish are applied to make them extra sturdy. The main brands are CND Shellac and Gelish.

Eyelash Extensions or Lash Lift

Eyebrows Leuven

With the Everlash lashes extensions, small clusters of lashes are glued onto your own natural lashes. Your lashes will be lengthened in this way, but the lashes will also look fuller, thus giving a glamorous but completely natural looking effect.

Sleek Brows Leuven

The eyelashes are available in different lengths and remain in place for a few days to 3 weeks (depending on sleeping habits, rubbing,...). Mascara is no longer required after the lashes have been inserted.

Lash Lift Leuven

Even without eyelashes extensions you can obtain beautiful, voluminous and curly natural lashes with a Lash Lift. A Lash Lift is in line with the latest beauty trends: as beautiful as possible, but also as natural as possible.

Lash tinting Leuven

An eyelash tinting or semi-permanent mascara gives the optical illusion that your own lashes are longer and more voluminous. The semi-permanent mascara has the same effect but a longer durability than traditional mascara.

Eye Brow Services

Brows tinting Leuven

Our eyebrow experts will tweeze, thread, and dye your brows into perfect arches whilst achieving a natural look!

Sleek Brows Leuven

Sleek Brows: No make-up involved! Suitable for those with good eyebrows or no eyebrows at all! Lasting on average 2-3 weeks!

Wenkbrauw verven Leuven

Epilation of the eyebrows via threading. The threading technique is used exclusively to model the eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow threading
  • Eyebrow threading
  • Eyebrow threading
Nail salon Leuven Beautiful Nails by Linde

Perfect Nails

Belmodo chose our nail salon in Leuven as one of 3 addresses for perfect nails!

In student city Leuven, Beautiful nails by Linde not only offers beautiful nails, but also manicures, eyelash extensions and threading and tinting of your eyebrows.

If you are looking for an all-round beauty salon of quality, you will find the right address in Louis Melsensstraat 3.


Our customers

Nail Salon Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven
  • Linde is a miracle worker, rescued my nails the other week and made them look beautiful. Thank you.

  • Linde werkt snel en grondig om je de beste gel-manicure te geven die zeker drie weken houdt! De fijne babbel en toffe sfeer krijg je er zo bij!

  • Beste nagelstyliste in leuven!

  • Super leuke zaak! Goede sfeer, super service, prachtige nagels en gewéldige mensen die je nagels prachtig maken. Beter kan het niet!

  • Linde zorgt niet enkel voor mijn perfecte nagels, maar is zonder twijfel geweldig gezelschap en een ideale invulling voor me-time!

  • Thanks Linde!'re the best !!!