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Louis Melsensstraat 3 | 3000 Leuven

Nail Salon Beautiful Nails by Linde

Linde Vanderstraeten Beautiful Nails Leuven

Beautiful Nails

L. Melsensstraat 3 - Leuven

Beautiful Nails by Linde has extensive experience in applying gel nails and gel polish in the centre of Leuven since 2004 . We work exclusively with quality products to give your nails the care they deserve.

Gel manicure Beautiful Nails Leuven

Gel Nails

Unlike regular nail polish - which can chip after two to three days, gel nails are borderline indestructible and last up to three or four weeks without chipping (#miracle)! Gel Nails are also used to extend the length of the fingernail.

Gel Polish Beautiful Nails Leuven

Gel Polish

Gel Polish (Shellac) is often called a hybrid, meaning half regular nail polish and half gel mani : The process of applying it is the same as a regular nail varnish but it needs to cure under a lamp in between layers like gel nails.

Beautiful Nails customers

Lien Degol gel manicure Nails Leuven

Lien Degol

Lien Degol

Stylist & Fashion coach
Miss Leuven gel manicure Nails

Sylvie Dewitte

Sylvie Dewitte

Miss Belgian Beauty
Katrien Miss Belgian Beauty gel manicure Nails Leuven

Katrien Goris

Katrien Goris

Miss Belgian Beauty
Clara Cisk gelnagels

Clara Sisk

Clara Sisk

Echte verhalen: SOS 112
Idols Eurosong gel manicure Nails Leuven

Laura D.

Laura D

Eurosong / Idols
Miss Leuven Nail care

Sofie De Pauw

Sofie De Pauw

Miss Belgian Beauty
Belmodo : 3 addresses for perfect nails

In the student city of Leuven, Beautiful nails by Linde does not only offer beautiful nails, but also lash extensions and shaping and colouring of your eyebrows. If you are looking for an all-round beauty salon of the highest quality, Louis Melsensstraat 3 is the place to be.

Thoroughly reviewed : Nail Salons

Linde is an exuberant, extrovert hostess who can place beautiful nails! Very driven and extremely experienced with only top quality products. When offered a tasty glass of bubbles in addition to our Perfect Nails, we are completely in Nail Heaven!

Beautiful Nails by Linde is accredited by the Belgian Beauty Federation as a certified nail stylist.

Belgische beauty federatie
Red gel manicure Leuven
Only US or EU brands

We only use gels from American or European brands, which guarantees quality so that you, the customer, can be sure that our products fully comply with the strict Western regulations.

color gel manicure nails Leuven
Favourite nail colours

Our nail salon has a wide range of colours available, both in terms of gels and gel polishes or anti-allergic gels. We also alternate our colours throughout the year and by season.

color gel manicure nails Leuven
Same price per finish

We use the same price for any standard finish, both for gels and gel polishes with no additional charge for color or French. This way you can always switch to a different colour, or change to a French manicure or a natural finish.

Nails Leuven
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Red Gel Nails Leuven

016 - 23 85 78Appointment/Questions

L. Melsensstraat 3Leuven

Nail salon

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Well cared for hands and nails are one of the first things people notice. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with strong nails. To help you strengthen your nails, stop nail biting or just to have beautiful nails, Beautiful Nails by Linde can apply gel on your own nails or on artificial nails (gel nails), on your fingers as well as on your toe nails.

Gels come in a variety of colours and finishes (including French Manicure, Natural and colour gels) and offer flexibility and firmness, making regular nail polish unnecessary and little daily care for your nails is needed.

Gel nails are ideal for nail biting and beautiful bridal nails look great on your wedding photos or movie.


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Our nail studio in the centre of Leuven offers a full range of nail and hand care services. We keep a close eye on the industry trends and regularly introduce new services to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your visits.

Are you looking for a nice and original gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas or a birthday? We also have several gift vouchers.


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Our nail salon in Leuven was chosen by Belmodo as one of 3 addresses for perfect nails!

Our nail studio was praised in 2017 by the Fashion & Lifestyle magazine Belmodo by Tiany Kiriloff as one of the three best addresses in Belgium for perfect nails!

Feel like trying Insta-nails, but aren't you a genius when it comes to nails? Take a look at these nail salons!

About us

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Since 2004

Nail salon Beautiful Nails by Linde has been a standard for nail care in the centre of Leuven since 2004.

Conveniently located

Our nail salon is located in the Louis Melsensstraat in Leuven between the Bondgenotenlaan and the Diestsestraat with many car parks nearby.

Many colours

We have a wide range of colours - both gels and gel polishes - which are regularly updated to match our range to the current season.

What are Gel Nails?

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Gel nails (or 'Gel Manicure') are nails which have been strengthened and/or lengthened by means of a gel system. The gels are applied in several layers to your natural nails by means of a brush. The gel layers are then hardened under a professional UV lamp. Your own nails can be reinforced with a layer of gel or your nails can be lengthened with a tip.

Benefits of gel nails

  • Lasts on average 3/4 weeks
  • Extensions are possible
  • Wide range of colours
  • Anti-allergic possible
  • Odorless
  • Also on toenails

What is gel polish?

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Gel polish is also sometimes called 'semi-permanent nail polish' because it is applied to the natural nail in the form of a nail polish and is then hardened with a professional UV lamp. It is therefore a hybrid form between regular nail polish and a gel manicure. Just as with gel nails, several layers are applied to make them extra firm. The main brands are CND Shellac and Gelish.

Benefits of gel polish

  • Lasts on average 2 weeks
  • Wide range of colours
  • Shellac is anti-allergic
  • Odorless
  • Also on toenails
Beautiful Nails Leuven

Gel manicure

At least 3 weeks of beautifully polished nails that provide reinforcement to your natural nails with a natural look and feel: pliable and flexible.

Beautiful Nails Leuven

Nail extensions

Nail extensions are applied by means of tips ('set gel nails') for nail biters or clients with short nails who just prefer longer nails.

Beautiful Nails Leuven

Gel Polish

Gel polish provides 2 weeks of polished nails with an intense shine. We use CND Shellac: awarded multiple times, '7-free' and animal friendly.

Gel Nails as an ideal solution for nail biting

Applying extensions

When your natural nails are chipped off, we will apply extensions ('tips') to your nails. These small plastic 'tips' are placed on your natural nails, of course without damaging them.

Filing the tips in the desired shape and length

We decide on the desired shape and length (too long is not practical as a nail biter since you are not used to working with longer nails) and the plastic tips are then filed in this length and shape.


Applying gel

First a base layer (base coat) is applied, then a double colour layer (color coat) and then a top layer (top coat) that protects the whole. The gel of the different layers is hardened under a UV lamp.

Example of nail extensions with gel nails on a nail biter.

Example of nail extensions with gel nails on a nail biter.

Example of anti-allergic gel on a person with an acrylic allergy.

Eyelash care

Lash extensions Leuven

Cluster eyelash extensions: small clusters of lashes are glued to your own natural eyelashes. Your lashes are lengthened, and the lash line also seems fuller. One-by-One extensions provide a longer durability.

Lash extensions
Lash extensions Leuven

The lashes are available in different lengths and cluster lashes last from a few days to 3 weeks (depending on sleeping habits, rubbing, ...). Mascara is no longer necessary after applying the lashes.

Lash extensions
lash lift Leuven

Even without lash-extensions you can achieve beautiful, voluminous and curly natural lashes with a Lash Lift. A Lash Lift fits in with the latest beauty trends: at its very best, but as natural as possible.

Lash Lift
lash tinting Leuven

An eyelash tint gives the optical illusion that your own lashes are longer and more voluminous. Semi-permanent mascara has the same effect but a longer durability than traditional mascara.

Lash Tinting

Eyebrow Care

eyebrow tinting Leuven

Our salon provides brow epilation and/or tinting services in order to give your face more expression and a well-tended look!

Henna Brows Leuven

Henna tinting is basically a treatment that involves coloring the skin beneath the brows and brow hairs.

Henna Brows
eyebrow tinting Leuven

Epilation of the eyebrows with threading. Only the threading technique is used to model and shape the eyebrows.

lift brow lamination Leuven

Do you have eyebrow hairs growing in all directions? Then a Brow Lift - also known as Brow Lamination - may be the solution.

Brow Lift
Nail salon Leuven Beautiful Nails by Linde

Perfect (gel) nails

Our nail studio in Leuven was awarded by Belmodo as one of 3 addresses for perfect nails!

In the student city of Leuven, Beautiful nails by Linde is not only the place to be for beautiful nails, but also for manicures, lash-extensions and eyebrow colouring.

If you are looking for a high quality all-round beauty salon, Louis Melsensstraat 3 is the place to be.

3 addresses for perfect nails Article
Gel Nails Leuven

Glitter color Gel

Nail salon Leuven

Color Gel

Gel Nails Leuven

Color Gel

Gel manicure Leuven

Color Gel

Our customers

about our nail salon
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Linde is a miracle worker, rescued my nails the other week and made them look beautiful. Thank you.

    Sam Crossley
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Linde works fast and thoroughly to give you the best gel manicure that lasts at least three weeks! The nice chat and great atmosphere are free extras!

    Yannick M.
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Best nail stylist in leuven!

    Julia Balog-Halewood
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Super nice place! Good atmosphere, super service, beautiful nails and professional stylists who make your nails beautiful. It couldn't be better!

    Isabelle Libioulle
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Linde not only takes care of my perfect nails, but is without a doubt great company and an ideal companion for some me-time!

    Barbara Gryspeert
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Thanks Linde!'re the best !!!

    Cindy Vanperre
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Super friendly people, always willing to help!

    Charlotte VH
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Fantastic nail studio with friendly service and above all great work!

    Diane Caers
  • Review Beautiful Nails by Linde Leuven

    Top quality salon! Time and again I get super nice nails here! Quality is a lifestyle here!

    Debbie Roelants
Beautiful Nails Leuven

We have been styling nails since 2004

We have extensive experience in all types of nail care and offer a full range of nail care services (gel nails, gel polish, professional gel nail removal as well as experience with problem nails). Because of her technical skills, Linde has been asked on several occasions as a lecturer for the nail stylist training course in leading beauty schools.

Red Nails


We are committed to quality, both as a nail stylist and for our products!

Summer Nails red Nails
nails for Christmas nails on an airplane
Your Nail Salon in Leuven

High quality gel manicure and gel polish

Logo beautiful Nails by Linde

Questions or an appointment?

Do you have any questions about nail care, Shellac, Gelish, gel nails? Would you like an appointment for eyelash treatments or eyebrow treatments?

016 - 23 85 78
Gel manicure nail salon Leuven
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Only high quality products
Gel manicure nail salon Leuven
Beautiful Nails Leuven
Situated in the center of Leuven
Gel manicure nail salon Leuven
Beautiful Nails Leuven
We style nails since 2004
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