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When natural looking nails are simply too boring for you, nail art (nail decorations) may be a way to spice things up for you ... More and more people nowadays have their nails painted, ranging from flowers to a real tiger print. Shiny Swarovski rhinestones, pictures and / or stripes on your nails are a possibility. Stones/crystals are of course available in different forms, from the classic round crystals to teardrops, rectangular shapes, ... and in a variety of different colors.

Because the variation is almost endless, you will always have a set of unique nails.

Nail art is therefore a creative way to decorate nails. This "art form" can be applied to the nails of your hands as well as to your toenails. Through time nailart has become a part of the fashion lifestyle.

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History of nail art

Nail art in ancient times

Nail Decorations surfaced first in Babylonia; when men decorated their nails with black carbon. This color was a sign of social status: black for a high status and green for a low one. In ancient Egypt, women decorate their nails with henna. Queen Nefertiti used Red Henna to decorate her fingernails and toenails. Queen Cleopatra used gold buttons on her fingernails. The "ordinary" woman was forbidden to use as the same nail colors as the Egyptian queens.

More recently

The well-known French manicure began on the Paris Catwalks in 1976 when Jeff Pink, the founder of a cosmetics company, wanted a nail style that was practical but not noticed too much. The models, however, applied decorations to it in order to be noticed above the rest of the models. The dark gel nails that were a hype in the 90s are attributed to Uma Thurman in the film Pulp Fiction. In order to stand out, women then used glitter on their dark nails. In ancient times nailart was therefore a reflection of social class, while from the 19th century nail art was available to everyone and quickly became part of the fashion lifestyle.

Nail Cristals

Nail Art cristals Leuven

Nail Cristals

Our Nail Salon can place cristals, etc. in various shapes and colours. Of course also various stickers are a possibility.
Laura D Nail Art

Clients with Nail Art

The Voice of Landers with red gelnails and Swarovski-cristals in our Nail Salon.
Paulien Mathues Nail Art

Clients with Nail Art

Singer Carmine / participant of Idols/Eurosong with nailart and Swarovski crystals in our Nail Salon.