Epilation, threading, tinting and Sleek Brows
Eyebrow threading Leuven Epilation

Eyebrow ThreadingThere's no going back from threading!

Threading is the best alternative method of facial hair removal compared to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.

Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow TintingAdd depth and shape to your (light) brows

Pale, translucent hairs can make the eyebrows look thin and straggly. Tinting these hairs could reveal a neat, shapely brow you never even knew was there!

Sleek Brows eyebrow repair

Sleek browsReconstruction of eyebrows

Complete re-construction of eyebrows with fullness and definition that cannot be achieved with regular eyebrow grooming.

Epilating the eyebrows

Eyebrow Epilation

Precise Eyebrow Threading

Threading allows control when shaping brows to ensure perfectly sculpted eyebrows. A cotton thread is used to glide across the skin, removing excess hair while it does so. Not only that but the thread grabs and teases out every single hair by its root leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. The results are wonderfully neat and perfectly symmetrical eyebrows which can take years off your face.

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Eyebrow threading Leuven
Eyebrow Threading Leuven

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow epilation with a cotton thread

The Eyebrow Threading method uses a cotton thread which is used to glide across your facial skin, removing excess eyebrows hairs while it does so. Not only that, but the cotton thread grabs and teases out every single hair by its root thus leaving a cleaner finish with usually longer lasting results.

The eyebrow threading technique originated in Asia and the Middle East and is now gaining ever increasing popularity in the West. The principal advantage of this technique is minimizing discomfort associated with painful and skin damaging hair removal during waxing. Another benefit is the long-lasting effect due to removing hairs from the root.

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Eyebrow Threading Advantages

Long lasting results

Threading actually pulls out the hairs right from their follicles. It takes time for the hair to grow again and ususally the new hair growth seems sparser and finer.

No irritation

There are no artificial products or ingredients that can touch your skin and cause irritation or allergic reactions. Someone who has sensitive skin (prone to redness or itchiness) could benefit greatly from an all-natural technique like threading.

Less painful

Threading is considered less painful as compared to waxing or other hair removal techniques. This could be because the thread itself is not touching the skin around your eyebrows during the hair removal process (thin and extra-sensitive).

Tinting of eyebrows

Eyebrow Tinting

Those with lighter brows will love tinting!

Instead of investing a lot of time applying and reapplying mascara and eyebrow pencil, lots of people are going for eyebrow-tinting instead, which is a color service that doesn't take away any hair (although you can opt to include eybrow removal) but uses a specialized dye to enhance the color and shape of your eyebrows to get those lush looking eyebrows that will accentuate all your other facial features. The benefits are of course immediate.

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Eyebrow Tinting Leuven

Sleek Brows eyebrow (re)construction

Sleek Brows 3D

No pencils, stencils, powders or fibers

Suitable for those with good eyebrows or no eyebrows at all!

Lasting on average 2 - 3 weeks!

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Sleek Brows Building

(Re)construction of your eyebrows
Sleek Brows Leuven

Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building will allow us to re-construct your eyebrows completely. Furthermore, it can create fullness and definition that cannot be achieved with regular eyebrow grooming. The result is a waterproof and smudge-proof eyebrow, which is created by building on the your own natural shape to create fuller, thicker, luscious brows that have perfect definition and lasts for approx. 2-3 weeks.

Similar to permanent make-up except

Except it's 3-dimensional and non-invasive
Sleek Brows Leuven

The achieved high definition result is similar to permanent make-up except it's 3-dimensional and non-invasive. The look is tailor-made for each person and suitable for those who have naturally good eyebrows as well as those who suffer from partial or complete eyebrow loss.

Hairs on your natural eyebrows

For those who naturally have good eyebrows
Sleek Brows Leuven

Sleek Brows has led to 2 completely new concepts to the beauty industry:

The first option is for those who naturally have good eyebrows, or thinning eyebrows and would like to work on the shape and fullness. In this case, we apply specialized hairs to the natural hairs. This creates a desired look that lasts.

Textured paint

For those experiencing total or partial brow loss
Sleek Brows Leuven

Sleek Brows heeft geleid tot 2 volledig nieuwe concepten in de beauty-industrie:

The second option is for those who do not have eyebrows at all, or those that are experiencing partial loss. We have developed a textured paint that can be applied directly in strokes onto the skin where there is no hair at all. It gives slight texture and allows you to grow your natural eyebrows with use of eyebrow serum.

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