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A cosmetic pedicure consists of the following: disinfecting the feet, possibly removing nail polish, a foot examination, clipping your nails and cleaning your cuticles, removing any excess calluses and corns or calluses kernels, as well as a short massage with a nourishing foot cream.

Of course we also provide advice on the aftercare of your nails and feet.

It is also possible to have your toenails treated after the pedicure. We can use gel nails or shellac on your toe nails for a French manicure look, colored toes or a natural look on your toe nails.

A medical pedicure entails the above-mentioned cosmetic pedicure with added specialist foot care.

This specialized foot care can consist of:

  1. Advice and / or treatment of diabetes feet, older feet, arthritic feet, spastic feet, athletes feet and / or neglected feet.
  2. Advice and / or treatment of skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, psoriasis, blisters, calluses, different kinds of corns or calluses kernels, dry feet, foot warts, sweaty feet, feet with an odor, athlete's feet and / or inflammation.
  3. Advice and / or treatment of nail disorders such as: blue nails, split nails, horn nails, lime or onychomycosis, tunnel nails, white spots and / or hollow nails.

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Foot & Nail disorders?


A diagnosis can only be established after a thorough inspection of the feet. On the basis of questions we will try to get an idea of the symptoms and medical history. In some cases we will refer our customers to a specialist doctor.

Foot disorders

The most common disorders of the feet are calluses, warts, fungus, and corns.

Nail disorders

The most common nail problems are ingrown nails, tunnel nails, calluses and fungi.

Medical pedicure

Medical pedicure

Preventive or Curative

A treatment can be preventive (preventing foot problems) or curative whereby we will try to help you as much as possible. Indeed the most common foot-problems are in fact well treatable.
Medical Pedicure Leuven


A medical pedicure is always non-invasive, which means that no interventions and/or surgery are performed. We will in cases where this is needed refer you to a doctor or a specialist.
Orthese Leuven


We also make custom orthoses. Depending on your problem, an orthosis can immediately alleviate the pain and make sure you can walk out of our Salon carefree!

Client reviews:

Linde is a miracle worker, rescued my nails the other week and made them look beautiful. Thank you.

Linde zorgt niet enkel voor mijn perfecte nagels, maar is zonder twijfel geweldig gezelschap en een ideale invulling voor me-time!

Super leuke zaak! Goede sfeer, super service, prachtige nagels en gewéldige mensen die je nagels prachtig maken. Beter kan het niet!

beste nagelstyliste in leuven!

Linde werkt snel en grondig om je de beste gel-manicure te geven die zeker drie weken houdt! De fijne babbel en toffe sfeer krijg je er zo bij!

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